Client Testimonials

I have been a gym enthusiast for the whole of my adult life.
Wendy Steenson has been my Personal Trainer and (more recently) my Advanced Movement Coach for over fifteen (15) years.
I first came to see Wendy because she came highly recommended to me.
During these fifteen (15) years I have found Wendy to be the consummate professional in relation to all the fitness-training and body-movement advice she has given me.
Her advice has enable me to maintain a level of fitness and a quality of well-being more suited to that of a person twenty (20) years younger than myself.
During 2017 I required three (3) separate spinal operations due to the deterioration of my spine because of my age (70) and associated hereditary factors.
Following these operations Wendy provided me with the necessary body-movement advice and fitness-training regime which enabled me to successfully get back to my work as a Registered Nurse.
I would highly recommend Wendy to anyone (old or young) who might wish to maintain their fitness or manage any particular adverse body-condition that they might be suffering from.

Coming back from major shoulder surgery, I needed to find a Professional Personal Trainer with experience, knowledge and understanding of the human body and     injury management.  That’s why I chose Fitness on the Run where my experienced Personal Trainer designed a personalised programme to manage my rehabilitation to get me back into shape without injury or damage.
Now I have got my life back!
My fitness level is good, I am back playing golf again and hitting the ball even    better than I did before the injury! 
Thanks to the hard work and Fitness on the Run.

I have been a client of Movement Milestones for the last three (3) months.  My goal is to be able to walk without my wheelie walker which I have been in the for the last two (2) years.   I have been able to gain more confidence, more strength through my body, steadier on my feet and been able to do daily activities with more ease.  My biggest goal so far is to be able to walk with my cane with different activities, which exhaust my system, but thrilled on my achievement in such a short period of time. 
I am looking forward to progressing even further down the line with the help and  instruction from my experienced teacher.
I would recommend Movement Milestones for anyone, at any age, in the same  situation I have been in.

Revolution 360 has completely turned my life and health around in such a positive way.  The journey has been a mind-blowing experience learning about your body, mind, environment, and work that all affect the way your health, personal relationships, sleep and work output affect your health. I have been on every balanced diet program you can think of and no one or thing could help.  Exercising every day with extreme high intensity as advised by a trainer.  I was not getting any better, not well at all but could not explain the feeling I had, blood tests all up in the air and my doctor had no answers but happy to place me on medication. I found this program that used non-invasive tools and questions to find out my DNA and Genetics and came up with my program.  I have followed this and I have gained unbelievable results and my outlook on work, personal life,    exercise regime, and everyday living has changed.
Weight loss of 17kgs with a minor loss of muscle mass of 2 kgs.
Blood tests are all in the positive and healthy range which my doctor is extremely pleased with.
I have more energy, less tired, minimal stress, an extremely happy personal life, and self-confidence is strong and unbreakable.
The best journey I have ever had and still on the program and maintaining my results with ease. I would recommend this to anyone who is having health issues because the proof is here that it works.
My friend has thoroughly studied the Revolution 360 program and very quickly their progress was very visible.  Without pressure but with the usual hands-on approach from  Revolution 360  to do what is best for each client chose to commence the program.  The program is a very insightful and exciting journey.  One only had to watch my friend’s success in achieving their own goals and their enthusiasm for the program to inspire others in theirs.  My results are going as well as my friend’s which I am pleased with and easy to achieve.
I was recommended to see Fitness on the Run by a family member who suggested to come here because I knew I needed to look after my health and fitness but I do not like going to big fitness centers and I wanted a private and safe environment to train in.  As soon as I walked into the studio I knew this was the place for me.  I have had serious issues with my health over the years with injuries, chronic diseases, aging and I have tried many health regimes over my years with no success.  Being here regularly I can keep up with the grandchildren, my injuries are slowly getting better with corrections in my posture.  My health is improving, feeling stronger, my weight is coming under control, stress levels are slowly dropping and I am being educated in understanding my body and how I can look after myself when issues arise.  I am so pleased with my results and would recommend any person with health issues, difficulties in everyday activities or injuries to seek their advice and guidance.  They have made me more independent and determined to look after myself.
I had a very bad accident.  I was in hospital for some time.   I had broken my spinal vertebrae and ribs.   When the doctors permitted me I started with Fitness on the Run with a rehabilitation program which has made my life pain free.  In less than six months the body is slowly starting to straighten up with corrections of my posture, strengthening weak muscles and lengthening tight muscles around the body,  increasing my range of movement within my joints, activating nerve response and releasing my mindset from the accident.  This has been one of the most interesting journeys of learning about my body.  The staff’s response to rehabilitation training is so different that the body responds straight away with body relief of less pain and better movement.  I would recommend anyone with issues of acute or chronic injury to come and try this way of training.