Resistance Training

Resistance Training

Resistance, strength, and weight training all have become popular form of recreation as well as a method of conditioning not only athletes but all ages of the population due to increased benefits that come with this form of exercise.




As soon as the general public hears that word “Resistance” training the immediate reaction they think of are body builders and body building training.  This is only one form of resistance training there are several different forms of training which we explain to our clients.

· Body building training

· Strength training

· Rehabilitation training

· Functional training

· Body weight training just to name a few.




Every person’s body is different, everyone has different goals to achieve for themselves and you need the guidance and experience of a good movement specialist to advise you on what you need to achieve these benefits and results from this form of exercise. 



· Increased body fat loss

· Increased muscle growth

· Increased metabolism

· Osteoporsis prevention

· Combats diabetes

· Reduction in Arthritis

· Helps your Heart

· Improves immunity