Rehabilitation training


Rehabilitation training is needed by a client when they have had the following:-

· Major Surgery on the body (e.g. Lower back, knees and shoulders just to name a few)

· Chronic pain

· Postural realignment


The programme is designed personally to the need’s of the client on an individual basis depending on the severity of pain and movement patterns of the body. Studies have shown that pre-surgery training programmes are, or even, more essential than post surgery rehabilitation training for the best outcome for the optimum health of the client. Research has found that client’s recovery time is decreased substantially when getting back on track for their lifestyle.

This type of programme is designed to lengthen out the shortened muscles and nerves and strengthen the weaker muscles surrounding the joints to improve stability, increasing range of movement, decrease in pain level and improve energy levels.

All our staff are experienced and qualified in this field. We make our priority to communicate with their medical staff and physiotherapists (allied health professionals) to ensure we are able together as a team be able to have the client back to their full potential as soon as possible.

To achieve success in keeping your life on track “VARIETY” is the key to a successful outcome in wellness and health.