Pregnancy and Exercise



Pregnancy can be a time of personal growth and a precious heightened phase in a woman’s life.  The key is a personal balance of the physical, emotional, mental and social areas into harmonious function.

 It is vital that a pregnant woman monitors her wellness in order to maintain optimal development of the physical self, constructive use of stress energy, effectiveness in dealing with emotions and positive use of the mind.  It is therefore important that the she develops every aspect of the body, mind and emotions to ensure optimal health for herself and her developing fetus.

 Exercise during pregnancy has become a way of life, and more and more women continue their physical activities throughout their pregnancy. 

 Benefits of pre & post pregnancy programmes:-

· Regular exercise keeps her in physical good health but also mentally in good shape.

· Improves stamina

· Improves suppleness and strength

· Develops a greater understanding of the body and it’s capabilities.

 Our staff are fully qualified in this area of expertise in helping pregnant woman and their fetus to develop their full potential through exercise programming with a successful birth and post birth regimes.  Making sure we have communication with not just the mother but also their medical team to ensure success before and after birth.