IOM Training



IOM TRAINING :- is  based on the latest research in biomechanics, anatomy and training methodology and placing them into a specific training programmes designed to get the ultimate outcome and results for the client.   

This programme is designed to have a close relationship of the fascia system and its relationship with muscle, nerve and joint motion. 

The programme involves using not just forward and backward movement but also diagonal and side to side movement integrating ground, gravity, mass and momentum which trains the client to move with AUTHENTICITY TO REAL LIFE MOVEMENT.

These designed training programmes also involves VIPR’s, which is a weighted plastic pipe, which increases movement ability and function by improving the following:-



Metabolic conditioning

Kinesthetic (body) intelligence

But most importantly the enjoyment of exercising with these designed programmes with the integrated different forms of training provided in the workouts places the body into a Flow In Freedom !!!