At Fitness on the Run, Our staff are fully qualified!

Fitness on the Run makes “Health & Customer Care of our Clients” are our number one (1) priority that is why we always get results for our client’s. We never promise what we cannot deliver. Our staff are fully qualified with over 30 years experience in the Fitness Industry.

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Gold Coast Fitness

Fitness on the Run has an extensive network including Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Exercise physiologists, GP doctors and Specialists on the coast, as well as Brisbane, which helps our clients get their health back on track quicker.

Benefits of Fitness

Increased physical work capacity (strength, endurance).

Increased cardiovascular and respiratory efficiency.

Decreased risk of coronary heart disease.

Changes in body metabolism (e.g. Reduced level of obesity).

Delay of physiological aging effects.

Psychological effects (e.g. Stress reduction, increased


Variety of Training

Variety of fitness training is available so the client can reach their specific needs without being bored.

Treadmill, Cross-trainer, Exercise bike,


VIPR’s & Bosu’s,

Suspension Systems,

Functional training (resistance with multiple direction),

Interval training,


And many more varieties of fitness training can provide the client with fun and excitement.

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