Group Fitness training



Group Fitness training sessions are a great way in improving yourself with a small group of  people in the same mindset.  We are designing sessions to suit everyone’s needs either on a weekly basis or a course of eight (8) week bouts.  These are to develop one or a number of aspects of physical fitness.  There are two designs we working on and developing each week to suit the needs of our clients which are the following:-

4Q Fitness Sessions:-  A unique program designed to integrate Four Quadrant training.  45 to 60 min sessions which incorporate movement, fitness, bodyweight and resistance through distinct energy systems.  The amazing results not just physically but also mentally will be astonishing.  Each session will be limited so each person will be training to their full potential.  Everybody is welcome, novice to elite, stressed out individuals, broken down players to young athletes.  There are two sessions a week please keep an eye out on our Facebook page or email us for further information.

4Q Calmness Sessions:-  A unique session for everybody to help the mental and physical effects of stress on the body at the end of each day.  The build up of adrenalin caused by stress increases adipose fat tissue.  Breathing becomes more shallow and frantic due to the demands of work.  Sleep becomes erratic and the body becomes more rigid and inflexible.  Come and join us for this new experience.  The session includes Yoga, Deep Breathing movements, Waveblades, range of movement through fascia training and meditation.

Boxercise sessions:-  Boxing is one of the most demanding but also most rewarding forms of exercise training.  It conditions your entire body and provides one of the most challenging workouts.  The physiological and as well as psychological components are integrated which promotes increased wellness.  This training session can be combined with IOM Training, or even on its own, to get the ultimate fitness session of your life within a small group or even one on one.

IOM Training/VIPR sessions is based on the latest research in biomechanics, anatomy and training methodology and placing them into specific training programs designed to get the ultimate outcome and results for the client not only in cardiovascular training but as well as resistance. 
This program is designed to have a close relationship of the fascia system and its relationship with muscle, nerve and joint motion.  The program involves using not just forward and backward movement but also diagonal and side to side movement integrating ground, gravity, mass and momentum which trains the client to move with  AUTHENTICITY TO REAL LIFE MOVEMENT.

Theses designed training programs also involves VIPR’S, a weighted plastic pipe, which increase movement, ability and function by improving the following;- Mobility, Strength, Metabolic conditioning, Kinesthetic (body) intelligence.

The enjoyment of training with these designed programs utilizing the integrated individual forms of training places the body into a Flow in Freedom!

Fee & Bookings

Payments are upfront for the 8 week course of either one session, $20 Casual, or a 10 session package of $150.00.

Limited people in each group training session so bookings must be made by contacting us via email or phone.

A qualified instructor will be guiding the clients through these sessions working on helping them achieve their goals with fun & enjoyment as our top priority.  Exercise should always be fun!!