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Fitness on the Run Australia

Fitness on the Run is about fitting in with you busy lifestyle, keeping you accountable and on track to better health since 1994 and has expanded now to it’s own private, Functional Training and Wellness Studio at Broadbeach with plenty of parking. Privacy is the key to this studio so our clients feel comfortable with caring and empathetic trainers who understands the needs of their client’s who can train in a secure, private environment without feeling intimidated but encouraging their life back on track.

We have all the latest resistance training equipment and new cardiovascular equipment with plenty of room to move. We are able to look after our client’s from eighteen years old and over.

Fitness on the Run makes “Health & Customer Care of our Clients” are our number one (1) priority that is why we always get results for our client’s. We never promise what we cannot deliver. Our staff are fully qualified with over 30 years experience in the Fitness Industry.

Fitness on the Run has an extensive network including Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Exercise physiologists, GP doctors and Specialists on the coast, as well as Brisbane, which helps our clients get their health back on track quicker.

The TEAM  at Fitness on the Run are here to help you regain your health and always keeping you accountable with your busy lifestyle.


So Specialist Trainer Wendy Steenson can help you with your fitness goals, and we also have Andrea Raini as Personal Trainer who can also help you. We are located in Moana Park Shopping Centre, Broadbeach Waters.